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1. What is Wine Monopole?

    • Wine Monopole is a service-platform for wine connoisseurs, collectors, enthusiasts, maniacs, lovers, plus (well, whatever terms you choose to describe your affection towards wines)...
    • Via this website, we offer our first service - a theme-based weekly sales featuring
      • a set of selectively featured wines;
      • with limited quantity;
      • during a specific time frame
    • We plan to roll out additional services to our members over time, so stay tuned!

2. Where does Wine Monople get its products? 

    • We as well as our consignors acquire our products through a variety of sources, including reputable wholesalers and merchants, and directly from the producers in France, Italy, UK, US, Australia and Hong Kong. Some rarer items are acquired from international auction houses.

3. How do Wine Monopole sales work?

    • Every week, we offer a set of wines, usually related to a specific theme - country, wine region, vineyard, vintage, horizontal, vertical, immediate consumption, collectibles, indulgences, etc..
    • Each item comes in limited quantity.
    • Each sales only last for a specific time-frame.

4. How does the sales process work?

    • On our front page and "FEATURE" section, you will see this week's featured wines.
    • Find anything interested?  Click on the wine image or wine name, you will be directed to the product page where you will find information of the wine as well as its scores and tasting notes.
    • Place an order by simply clicking "Add to Cart".
    • Continue shopping and enjoy yourself... when you are finished, go to your "Shopping Cart" to check out.
    • Sometimes, for rare items, there is a limit on how many bottles you can purchase of the same item (e.g. 2 bottles per item per customer).  You can fill in the desired quantity by typing in your desired quantity. Occasionally, the system will only allow you to key in a smaller quantity due to limited stock availability.
    • After you have updated all the quantities, please click "proceed to Checkout" and follow the steps to complete the process.

5. How do I know when my order is confirmed?

    • After receiving your order, we will send you an email to acknowledge the receipt of your order.
    • Upon confirming the stock availability, we will send you an invoice within 24 hours to confirm your order.

6. Can I modify after I have placed an order?

    • YES, as we want to make sure you are happy and are indeed buying what you really want.
    • After you have received the order acknowledgement email from us, please spend just 30 seconds to read through it and make sure that's what you want to order.
    • If you want to change anything, please kindly email us ( as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate your changes.
    • After the invoice is issued, the order is considered final and unchangeable afterwards.

7. How do I pay?

    • Currently, we only accept bank transfer, detail as follows:
    • Wine Monopole Limited - HSBC Account: 023-113418-838
    • Please kindly email us a copy of your payment advice for record.

8. How and when do I get my wines? 

    • We engage JAS and TA-Q-BIN (in "Chilled Type" during summer) to arrange all local delivery, and we ship on Thursdays or Fridays.
    • Complete your payments by Mondays to catch the shipping cycle for the Thursday or Friday of the week.
    • We offer FREE SHIPPING for net purchase of $4000 or above; and you can have up to 2 months to plan and aggregate your orders across weeks.
    • For details, please click "Shipping and Handling" to understand our delivery logistics.

9. How can I be informed of good deals?

10. What if the item is marked "SOLD OUT"? Can I still order?

    • On the items that is marked "SOLD OUT", simply click the "NOTIFY ME" button and we will keep track of the wines that you are still interested in.
    • You will also see our previous offers in the "ARCHIVE" section.  Also click on "NOTIFY ME" on anything that you like there.
    • We will put your request on the priority list.  Once the stock becomes available again, we will inform you first.

11. Can I cancel, refund or return my orders?

    • Unfortunately, we do not accept cancellations, refunds or returns after the issuance of invoice
    • Upon receiving your physical shipment, please kindly check the goods to ensure they match your order(s). If there is any discrepancy, please do not accept the shipment and return the whole parcel to the logistics company at the time of delivery; we will contact you directly to resolve the issue.

12. How do I consign my products on Wine Monopole?

    • Excellent!  Let me thank you in advance!!!
    • We are always looking out for new partners to participate in our platform. Please kindly email us at ( and we can arrange a customized arrangement to achieve your objective.

13. I have some not-so-frequently-asked-questions, now what?

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